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Updated: 18/09/2021

We're at alert level 2!

This means we can operate axe throwing events with the safety guidelines in place. Please find these guidelines below.

The following plan is a set of rules and guidelines that Kiwi Axe Throwing Ltd will adhere to during the New Zealand government alert level 2 plan.

Group Numbers – Booking sizes can be no larger than the most recent update of numbers per gathering, minus 2. For example, If the government has announced that groups of 100 may gather, We will only accept bookings of 98 or less. This accommodates two staff members to be in attendance to any event, as per our general health and safety risk analysis.


Contact Tracing – At the beginning of each axe throwing session, we ask our customers to sign a liability disclaimer before any axe throwing is started. On this disclaimer form, we shall also ask for the customers personal mobile phone number. This is to help with contact tracing if an outbreak were to occur. Dates, times and event location will also be recorded. This information will be collated and kept on file by Kiwi Axe Throwing during the alert level 2 phase. We will also offer the government QR code for the NZ Covid Tracer app to be used.


Social Distancing – At alert level 2, social distancing in a group is to maintained at a 1m gap between people, where contact tracing is possible. This means that we can still maintain the usage of two axe throwing targets at one time. We will advise our customers to keep a social distance of at least 1m at all times.


PPE – During set up of all equipment, members of staff will wear gloves. Gloves may be removed after set up is complete and everything that a customer touches is sanitised. Once this is done, gloves must be disposed of safely.


Axes – Axes will be sanitised at the beginning and end of every event. Customer axes must be kept separate from instructor/staff axes. Staff axes will be identified by a coloured tag on the stem of the axe. An explanation of not swapping axes between customers and staff will be explained during the initial safety brief at each event.


Sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes – Although all of the equipment will be santised before and after each event, we will make hand sanitiser and anti bacterial wipes available for everyone that is involved in our event. This will give people peace of mind when using our equipment.


Kiwi Axe Throwing and its team take the Covid-19 Pandemic very seriously, and while we want people to enjoy axe throwing, we want them to do it safely. These guidelines have been put in place for our customer’s and our staff’s safety. These guidelines will be explained in every briefing before an axe throwing event.

Stay safe

The Kiwi Axe Throwing Team!

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