Our Story


Our story began in June 2019, Ashleigh and I (Dan) went to the United Kingdom to visit friends and family. We decided to mix it up and try new activities that we had never even thought of whilst we were there. The one activity that got us really excited was axe throwing, as we had friends that had tried it before. So, we booked it with a company in Scotland and had an awesome time! We have been talking about it ever since and for the rest of our trip, we talked about how we would love to do it again.

When we arrived back in New Zealand, we kept bringing it up in conversation about how fun axe throwing was and so we said to each other, "lets stop talking about it and let's do something about it!"

After a lot of consideration, we've decided to take the plunge and start Kiwi Axe Throwing.

We have explored many different avenues on how we can provide an axe throwing experience in New Zealand and we believe we have found the answer. A mobile axe throwing trailer that can be taken to events, festivals, field days, weddings and everything in between!

The Team

Dan Bagg


"As a travelling type, I've had some pretty interesting jobs both in the hospitality trade and the tourism industry, but throwing axes? this is something very different and exciting. I love working with people and giving people the chance to throw axes is an awesome opportunity"

Ashleigh Yates


"As soon as I threw my first axe in Scotland, I was hooked. I knew I needed to start something up in New Zealand. So with the help of my partner, we’re doing this and its so exciting! "